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Parking car

Did you come by car? We can offer you a covered and closed parking near the hostel for only 10 euros per night (reservation necessary!). Within the ring in Leuven you can park everywhere if you pay 1.5€ per hour between 7 am and 9pm or in a blue parking zone for free (max 2 h.) There is a long-parking posibility at Ladeuzeplein ( 15 min walk) and this will cost you 18€ per 24h. There is also a free parking (Bodart parking) on the border of Leuven (15 min walk). We can't garantee you a parking place there.

Terms parkingfacility  St. Jacob:
- Please park only in the place provided for you. Startinghour 3pm on the arrival day and leaving hour 11am leaving day.
- If the place is occupied or you park in another place than provided, there will automatically be an administrative fine of €50. This reservation is made for extra costs resulting from a lawful requirement of the tenant.
- We are not liable for damage or theft of a car and / or contained, taking or using property contained therein. The stalling happened at your own risk.
- Storage of any kind is not permitted.
- If for any reason, the parking is not available at the agreed time, the rent paid will be refunded. There will never be a compensation.
- If the car in the garage is blocked, for whatever reason, we will do everything possible to return the car. However, no guarantees, nor will compensation be paid.

Parking bike

We have some parking places for your bike(s). Inform us by your reservation when you come by bike, so we can reserve a place for you.

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